FAQ for Cone Beam CT



1.  What is Cone Beam CT?​

Cone Beam CT imaging system allows us to see 3D anatomy of the head and neck using low radiation x-ray beam.  It uses less than 10% of the radiation used in conventional medical CT scan of the same area.

2.  Why did my doctor refer me to your imaging center?​

Like your physician referring you to a radiology center for mammogram, CT or MRI,  we specialize in the imaging service of the head and neck area;  so your doctor can focus on your treatment while being assured of quality images without the high cost of maintaining a cone beam CT.

3.  How much radiation will I get?

Typical cone beam CT scan will emit between 46 - 80 microsieverts of radiation which is equivalent to 6 -10 days of background exposure. 'Background exposure' is the term we use to describe 'the small amount of radiation' present in our daily activity, about 8 microsieverts per day.

4.  May I review the 'Informed Consent Form' prior to my visit?​

​Yes,  we can send it to you via email or fax after we receive your referral form.

5.  Would my insurance pay for the scan? 

It varies depending on individual coverage or the policy.  We will assist you in completing the necessary insurance forms.  You will then submit the forms to your insurance for any reimbursement.   

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